Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flower Shirt Tutorials...

Here is my tutorial of the floral T-Shirt.

You will need:
2 shirts - can be the same color or not (i got mine at old navy)
needle and thread

Step 1.
Cut out 3 different sized circles for each flower, each one a little bit smaller then the one before. The bigger the circles the fuller the shirt looks. So cut according to what you want. I usually cut all the same sized flowers at the same time. I cut out one and use that as my template.

Step 2.
Lay out all the circles and put them together, you can't really tell but all 3 circles are on top of each other. Click on pic to enlarge.

Step 3.
Double thread a needle (to learn how go here) and attach the circles together by coming up from the bottom and then back down, This just makes sure they stay secured together. You can see the little white thread in the middle of the circle.

Bunch the circles and sew a few times at the bottom of it to get the look you want.

Step 5.
It will look like this. If it's not as bunchy as you like you will be sewing it to the shirt and can make it more bunchy at that time. (and yes bunchy is a word, at least in my vocabulary.)

Step 6.
Place the flower on the shirt where you want it and put the needle through the shirt (make sure not to get the back of the shirt, just the front)

Step 7.
Come back up through the shirt and sew through the flower again. Do this a few times to make sure the flower stays on.

Step 8.
Adding another flower. If you still have thread on your needle come up through the shirt from behind and start like you did for the first one. EXCEPT you need to go back through the shirt before doing the bunchy thing. This just makes sure the flower isn't too loose.
If you don't have enough thread on your needle skip to step 10. And repeat the process to add more flowers.

Step 9.
OK now that you went through the shirt and came back up now you can bunch it.

Step 10- tying off your flower
Make sure your in the inside of the shirt. Cute the thread off the needle and seperate the 2 pieces of thread. Tie a knot and bring it as close to the shirt as you can. Do this a few times.

Step 11.
This is what the inside of your shirt will look after you have attached all your flowers.

I also really liked this tee that enchantresses 3 made so i thought i would add it to this tutorial. It is super easy. Here is what i did...

Step 1.
Cut out hearts, i did a couple different sizes but ended up using the ones around the same size.

Step 2.
I laid them on the shirt before sewing them to see where i wanted them.

Step 3.
I used my sewing machine but you could use a needle and thread. I place a heart on the shirt and sewed alittle line in the middle of the heart (make sure to back stitch). Keep doing this until all the hearts are where you want them. I flipped some side ways and upside down too.

Step 4.
Enjoy your new shirt.


  1. oh i am sooooo making some of these!!!!
    Check out these cute other flowers too which are also on my craft list!

  2. LOVE this tutorial!! Saving it to my bookmarks! :)
    kkondek at gmail.com